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Outcast OSG Commander


Outcast OSG Commander

The OSG Commander has been redesigned for more comfort and versatility on fishing adventures. The stern now has an IGS pocket for an anchor or motor mount and the bow has more room to accommodate fins. The Commander is 10' long and 47" wide for a stable ride as you glide over rolling waves down a river. The low profile design helps the boat navigate in windy conditions. At just 32 lbs., this kayak-style frameless boat is easy to travel and pack to any destination. The Commander features an open cockpit for fin kicking, oars that stow away for casting, plenty of room in the back for gear, a comfortable seat, and IGS sleaves on both sides to attached pockets and rod holder mounts. The OSG Commander can get you to those tough-access fishing holes on both still and moving water.Thinking of a one man boat that is lightweight, super stable, packable, and tough? The Outcast Commander OSG offers all of this and more in a hybrid kayak design. The Commander will open up fishing opportunities, offer convenience, and eliminate the need for a fishing buddy.

At only 35lbs the Commander can be stowed in a trunk, quickly inflated and tossed over embankments, primitive put ins, lake rivers you name it. We have customers that have taken the Commander on Bonefish Trips for quick access to flats on do it yourself adventures. At only 35lbs the Commander is just another piece of luggage.

The Commander is nimble in the water one oar stroke moves the bow 90 degrees with ease. Being 10 feet long the Commander glides like a Kayak but it's 46" width keeps it stable in minor whitewater.

The simple but smart oar design keeps the oars out of the way but quickly available. The oars are secured in place so when fishing you can let go of them and not worry about losing them.

The open floor allows one to use fins to move in stillwater or to guide the boat along the bank while fishing. How about floating in a river and mid river finding a killer riffle, all you do is stand up and fish. The Commander's open floor and adjustable foot rests make standing up in shallow water a great use of the boat. Imagine a small Steelhead river that gets a ton of pressure. Through the Commander over the side of the road skipping the ramp and now you are fishing the water first.

Awesome Features of the Commander include: cargo loops to tie your gear down, tons of room behind you on the inflatable floor, durable PVC skin, urethane bladders(tough and lightweight), thermo welded seams for super strong outer skin, continuous curve and stiff bottom.

Commander Specs: Inflated size 10 feet long and 46 inches wide, Tube diameter 11", Fabric 500PVC top 1000PVC bottome, Urethane Air Cell, Welded Seams, 5 year warranty, 2 Summitt 2 valves, 35lbs, 500lbs copacity, 5 ft oars.

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