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Camo Drop Tin Weights


Loon Outdoors Camo Drops

Loon Outdoors Camo Drops set the standard for tin split shot/weight for serious fishermen. These non-toxic reusable tin weights are coated in a matte finish to reduce reflection compared to the traditional lead split shot so you don't scare spooky fish.

In camo colors they blend in with the water too. Off colored water, I'd use the brown colored weight. Make sense? Easily adjustable without the use of any special tool, these split shot stay put while casting.

In convient sizes and multi-use packs they're a breeze to quickly put on or take off. When you have to get deep get Camo Drops.

Options: Camo Drops Twist Pots Refills (20g) BB, AB, AAA;

Camo Drops 4 Division Skinny Water includes sizes 6,4,1,BB;

Camo Drops 4 Division Big Water includes sizes BB, AAA, SA, SSG;

Camo Drops 6 Division includes sizes 4, BB, AB, AAA, SA, SSG;

Camo Drops 8 Division includes sizes 6, 4, 1, BB, AB, AAA, SA, SSG.

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