Get Ready for Summer Trout Fishing with new Tippet and Leader from Scientific Anglers and RIO.(details)
We have a huge selection of the very best tippet and leader from RIO and Sci Anglers. Update your kit today.

Iconic Kit


Name a more iconic duo.

The Rogue Quickdraw Forceps and the Nip n' Sip 2.0 are an unstoppable pair while you're on the water.

Serious fisherman demand a lot from their tools, and both of these items are up for the test season after season. This kit comes with a lanyard to have both of these tools at the ready at all times when you're fishing.

The Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps can accommodate all fly sizes and can crimp even the heaviest of barbs on large flies. The oversized thumb and finger holes work for anglers with both large and small hands, as well as gloved anglers during colder days on the water. At the base of the tool head there is a compact cutting surface which easily and cleanly cuts heavy or light leaders and tippets.

The Loon Nip NŐ Sip 2.0 now has removable stainless steel blades, a bottle opener, comfortable extra wide thumb pads and an eye clearing needle.

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