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Lagartun Wire


Lagartun Metal Non Tarnish Wire is in the Caddis Fly Shop and ships same or next day with NO Sales TAX. FREE shipping on most Domestic USA orders.

This is a spooled varnished wire that may be used as rib on classic, traditional, and modern flies tied for salmon, steelhead, and trout.

Discriminating fly tyers have been hoping for the return of superior Lagartun products to the US for several years; we are excited to announce that we are now offering a variety of these products in our Eugene Oregon Shop and though our Internet Catalog.

Why purchase your Lagartun Products from the Caddis Fly Shop? Start with the unsurpassed quality of Lagartun, the range of products we offer, and then factor in our complete one source shopping experience with first class customer service. As if that were not enough, add in our NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING on most domestic USA shipping.

How is Lagartun varnished wire different?

This wire is smoothly spooled. The wire is presented neatly, precisely, and perfectly aligned on each spool.

Lagartun Varnished wire is offered in X Fine and Fine at 0.087mm and 0.13mm.

This Lagartun wire is manufactured specifically for fly tying. Some wires sold for fly tying are originally manufactured for other uses, but Lagartun wire is strictly engineered for the needs of the fly tyer.

Varnished Metal? This wire is varnished and is as tarnish resistant as any we have ever seen and worked with. Count on it.

Annealed? Lagartun metal fly tying wires are treated with a process of systematically heating and cooling the wire to increase overall durability, flexibility, and thereby reduce the tendency of the material to retain memory.

The Quantity per spool? Six yards on each spool of Large wire; 7 yards of the Medium spooled wire; 9 yards on the Small spooled wire; 13 yards on the Fine spooled wire; 19 yards on the X Fine spooled wire; and 36 yards on the XX Fine spooled wire.

Colors? Some of the greatest colors for our steelhead, trout, and salmon flies.

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