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Howler Brothers Clothing

Howler Brothers Clothing offers excellent quality, comfort, and timeless style.

You can and will wear your Howler gear on the water, on the beach, in the surf, in the coffee shops, bistros, wading the flats, and in the front of the boat poised to make that double haul to a tailing permit. You REALLY will.

Howler Brothers clothing and gear defies confinement to any standard fly fishing, surfing, or skateboard lovers realm.

Combine the quality, functionality, style, and durability of , Patagonia, ExOfficio; add a pinch of independence, individuality, creativity, and crazy-ass wildness - you got a real Howler on yer hands.

Tired of the same-old, same-old clothing styles prevalent in most Fly Shops? Time to give Howler Brothers a serious look.

This product line is relatively new to the Caddis Fly Shop, but the shirts, pants, and hats are flying out the door. This is no mistake, it is based on customers seeing the gear, trying in on in the bathroom, fishing in it, and wearing it to the gym, the coffee shops, and the brew-pubs.

Why buy your Howler gear from a Fly Shop?

We arenít principally surfers or skaters, but some of our guides and clients are. We do know warm climate fly fishing and we know the clothing we like to wear, how it needs to fit, fish, and dry. We also know after fishing gear that make us feel good and look good too.

Timeless Ė placeless style: Shorts, pants, shorts, hats and the like, for men, women, and kids - it all looks good, fits comfortably, and wears on and on.

Howler builds it good, builds it right: If they make it, we sell it; count on good fit, long wear, comfort, and adaptability.

Availability: Our selection is fair, and we want your business, so if you want some Howler gear you donít see here, please give a shout, and let us see if we have it in the shop or can get it for you with no sales tax or shipping cost, and do so promptly.

No one will know if you are an millionaire or a bum: This my sound weird as a positive, but the point here is that Howler Bro is timeless, placeless, all occasion gear that will allow you to feel and look good anywhere, everywhere, all day long. Ok, maybe the coat and tie setting will get you barred at the door, but theses are exceptions that make us smack our heads.

We donít need Guides to Review Howler Brothers clothing, because we see them wearing it on and off the water.

Shirts for Men: Short and long sleeves, quick drying fabrics, tropical hues and fit for comfort.

T Ė Shirts for Men: Start with ultra high quality cotton, slap pockets on some, leave em off others, offer amazing art in small or large measure, and you have a huge range of most excellent T shirts for fly fishers, skaters, surfers, and ordinary humans like you and me. Girlfriends and wives who wear these at breakfast are indescribably beautiful

Unisex Hoody Full zip, lightweight, these are tropics and temperate clime comfort outer layers. Designed for men, these fit women too.

Shorts: Fit good, loose but not around your knees style, water friendly fabric, wade fish or cast from the deck, these comfortable shorts will take you from a morning on the board to an afternoon with fly rod in hand.

Menís Pants Take what we said about the shorts, and ditto for the Howler Pants. Just the best.

Womenís Shirts: Hello. Women are built different than men, thank goodness. Check these out.

T Ė Shirts for the Ladies: If you are looking for a givt for that lady you love, would love to love, or just broke up and want to get back together with, these are for your shopping list. If you are a woman who doesnít want or need some guy to buy you anything, these are eye-candy and you will not find these in a discount mall, not that you would go there anyway.

Very Cool Hats the ball caps offered by Howler look good feel good and fit good. Trucker hats that donít make you look lime a Rapper DJ. Lots of these hats have mesh back and are a snap to fit your head. Bills are just right for looks and sun protection.

Astounding Accessories: We may not have all of these in our catalog, but if you want it, tell us by email or phone, and letís see if we can set you up pronto. From hand planes, Monkey Face belts, belt buckles, and lord knows.

Childrenís T Ė Shirts: Nice, fun, solid, and functional gear for our Kids.