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Howler Brothers Clothing Sportswear and Hats

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Howler Brothers Clothing offers excellent quality, comfort, and timeless style.

You can and will wear your Howler gear on the water, on the beach, in the surf, in the coffee shops, bistros, wading the flats, and in the front of the boat poised to make that double haul to a tailing permit. You REALLY will.

Howler Brothers clothing and gear defies confinement to any standard fly fishing, surfing, or skateboard lovers realm.

Combine the quality, functionality, style, and durability of , Patagonia, ExOfficio; add a pinch of independence, individuality, creativity, and crazy-ass wildness - you got a real Howler on yer hands.

Tired of the same-old, same-old clothing styles prevalent in most Fly Shops? Time to give Howler Brothers a serious look.

This product line is relatively new to the Caddis Fly Shop, but the shirts, pants, and hats are flying out the door. This is no mistake, it is based on customers seeing the gear, trying in on in the bathroom, fishing in it, and wearing it to the gym, the coffee shops, and the brew-pubs. ... view more