New Scientific Anglers Magnitude Clear and Clear Tip Saltwater Lines in stock.(details)
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HMH Coneheads For Tubes

HMH Coneheads for Tubes. 10 per pack. These are a relatively straight-forward item to describe. Just imagine tying a tube fly. Now imagine wanting to add weight to the front of the plastic tube. One could use Hareline Pseudo eyes, or Hareline painted lead eyes, or Hareline brass eyes, or Hareline tungsten barbell eyes for fly tying. But, on the other hand, one could also go straight to this fins HMH conehead product that is engineered with microns to fit either medium 3/32" or large 1/8" plastic HMH fly tying tubing.

Presto! The solution is at hand in a nice neat package and you know the little things will fit on your tubes. Remember to use a lighter, candle, blow torch, or nuclear laser powered device to just barely melt the end of the tube in front of the cone, thereby preventing the silly thing from sliding forward onto your leader and causing you to mutter not-so-nice thoughts about the cones. If this happens you can melt the tubing on the river by building a bonfire (if legal in your region and time of year). Remember to remove the tube fly from your leader first, or you will melt both leader and the tube end.

Please, actually, do your melting in the garage at home after you have made sure that the mower gas is not leaking.

These are great cones for tying tube flies. Try them. HMH coneheads for tube flies tie well, and fish well.

Designed to fit over the tube and made for Medium(3/32") and Large (1/8") diameter tubes.