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Hats, ball caps, and trucker caps for fly fishing and around town

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Fly Fishing Hats and Caps: the Caddis Fly Shop is your first source for Ball Caps, Trucker Caps, Short and Long Bill Caps, Sunshade Caps, Flats Caps, and every imaginable rain, wind, and sun hat for anglers.

We fish in every imaginable weather condition, from blistering tropics to frigid latitudes and altitudes, in rain wind and shine. Head protection is crucial because it shields us from the sun and allows us to see into the water better. We invite you to browse our full inventory of caps and hats for every anglerŐs preferences.

Here are but a few of the main product lines we inventory at our Shop. From traditional to the latest styles, we have your head covered, quite literally.

Fishpond hats and Trucker caps: Ball caps and trucker caps with the Fishpond style we have learned to trust over the years. ... view more