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Hatch Outdoors Lanyard

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This product may seem simple, but the Hatch Lanyard will perform to your highest expectations and keep many needed items close at hand: FREE SHIPPING and no sales tax plus outstanding customer service from the Caddis Fly Shop.

Guide Reviews of the Hatch Lanyard tell us that the dang think should be a part of our required gear: your imagination is the only limit to what you can string on this Lanyard.

OK there are limits. No need to carry a bowling ball around your neck or attached to your fly vest or hip pack. No need to attach that short barrel shotgun in bear country. And the propane smoker probably doesnŐt need to be on your Hatch Lanyard either.

Many Lanyards are acceptable. The Hatch Lanyard is a superior product to deploy on a routing basis. Get four of the darn things; there is no telling how many different uses you will find for these.

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