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Hatch Outdoors Knot Tension Tool


The innovative Hatch Knot Tension Tool solves a perpetual issue in style. The Hatch Knot Tension Tool does more than help you cinch down knots, it's a bottle opener and gas cap opener. Each tool comes with a paracord wrist lanyard.

All tools are silver and paracord wrist lanyards vary in color.

Guide Reviews of the Hatch Knot Tension Tool are in: this is a no nonsense space age tool that helps the most serious fly angler get the knot right, first time and every time.

Knot tension tool? Huh? Many of us never thought about a knot tension tool, so we just did what came naturally. Grab the fly between our teeth. Or grab the fly in our hatch pliers. Or hook the fly over the edge of our Hatch nippers. Then we pull on the leader and try not to hook ourselves or otherwise let the entire process become a mess.

OH MY GOODNESS, this new Hatch tool is MARVELOUS. Really neat and reliable.

If you have never used one of these tools and if you fish for species where the integrity of each knot counts; you owe yourself the treat of using his knot tension tool.

Each Hatch Knot Tension Tool comes with a paracord wrist lanyard.

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