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Hareline Sunken Barbell Brass Eyes

Hareline Sunken Barbell Brass Eyes. 20 per pack. Next to the Hareline Pseudo Eyes, these sunken barbell brass eyes are our second most often reached-for fly tying barbell when we are tying baitfish type fly patterns and want both weight and the enhanced look of pupils on our saucy imitations. The principle difference between these Hareline Sunken Barbell Brass fly tying eyes is that the pupil has not been injection molded into the barbell at the factory. This is fine because some of our fly tyers want to super glue their own fancy holographic weirdness colors of pupils on these fly tying barbells instead of settling for the factory colors offered in the Hareline Pseudo eyes.

We have actually found a few crazies, and are not all fly tyers crazy at some level, who like to glue in a different color pupil on opposite sides of these brass fly tying barbells. Go figure. Maybe they know something the rest of us have overlooked.

Theses Hareline sunken barbell brass eyes are machined, will not bend, and have little recessed pockets that one may set the desired pupil in. These little recessions (hence the term sunken) allow one to place a tiny drop of super glue in the pocket and then plop the little pupil on top of the glue with nary a worry that the pupil might slip off to the side or flip onto the cat or wind up permanently affixed to the fancy dining room table. Hareline sunken barbell fly tying brass eyes are offered in brass, nickel, or black nickel finish is durable with a capitol D.

If you choose these sunken barbell fly tying brass eyes, keep in mind that we inventory the Super Glue and the pupils you will need to complete your works of art. Go crazy you wild-eyed fly tyer.

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