New SAGE Sense Euro Nymphing Rods Now Available with Free Line. (details)
SAGE has introduced it's latest rod with a specific focus on Euro Nymphing. SAGE SENSE Rods have a fantastic action and are built with generation 5 graphite like the Sonic and Maverick models existing in the SAGE line up. During Covid 19 we have a fully staffed professional team to continue to provide you with the most outstanding customer service experience possible. Our suppliers are struggling to keep up with our orders and general market demand. We are aggressively stocking our store daily. Some orders are still going out at light speed but others may experience delays.

Hareline Brass Eyes - 20 pack

Hareline Brass Eyes. Brass barbell fly tying eyes. Hareline recognizes that some fly tyers choose not to use lead wire or lead fly tying dumbbell eyes. This innovative thinking produced an extremely high quality series of fly tying eyes, dumbbells, or barbells whatever name one chooses to use that serve the same function of the traditional lead fly tying barbell eyes without the lead. Quite amazing, we think. Hareline brass fly tying barbell eyes are high on our Caddis Fly Pro staff list of favorites. They are stout, smooth, shiny, available in sizes from X-small to large, and they get the job done. Hareline brass fly tying barbell eyes offer an additional advantage over lead barbells also. They will not bend or break when being chomped on by giant fly-eating fish. We refer here to giant fish that eat flies, not to little fish the eat giant flies. It does make a difference at the end of the day. Simply stated, flies tied with Hareline brass fly tying barbell eyes look hot, fish cool, and catch fish by the boat-load (when the fishing is really, really, really good). These Hareline brass fly tying eyes are barbells at an extremely functional performance level. They offer the advantage over chrome plated lead barbell fly tying eyes because there is no plating to chip off. The Brass stay nice and shiny, as do the nickel and black nickel finish. If you are a fly tyer looking for barbell eyes with pupils, check out the Hareline painted lead barbell eyes, the Hareline sunken barbell brass eyes, and the Hareline pseudo eyes. The quickest way to add action and weight to any pattern. These brass barbell eyes come in a full range of sizes to meet many versatile tying needs. These offer greater durability, greater sparkle, and lead-free alternative to our lead dumbbells, at a slight price increase. Not quite as heavy as lead, these babies won't ever chip ;and are offered in silver, gold, and nickel.