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Hardy Bougle Heritage


The Hardy Bouglé is a modern revision of the reel first made for Louis Bouglé over a century ago.

First offered for sale on the fly reel’s 110th birthday in 2013, this is a wonderfully pleasing fly reel with the feel of the authentic Hardy tradition.

Why purchase your Hardy fly reels from the Caddis Fly Shop?

Because you understand and respect our dedication to customer service and appreciate our desire to provide all anglers of all skill levels with quality fly fishing and fly tying gear.

The Hardy Bouglé fly reel is a a freshwater fly reel offered in sizes that will accommodate lines as fine as a 2 wt to as hefty as a 10 wt with appropriate backing.

Five Hardy Bouglé reel size options cover all situations most trout, salmon, and steelhead anglers are likely to face.

Key Hardy Bouglé fly reel features:

* Sweet sounding, wide ranging check system

* Naval brass bush and spindle

* Rolling pillar, click dreg check, and a reel song to make any angler smile when a good fish makes a run.

* Deep anodized bar stock aluminum distinctive Pearl Silver finish

* Easily changed from left- to right-hand wind

* Spools interchangeable with Bouglé Mk VII, VI, V & IV

* Supplied with Hardy Bros. soft leather, sheepskin lined reel pouch

Made by Hardy Bros master craftsmen in Alnwick, England

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