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Galvan Spey Weights


Galvan Spey Weights Kits are 1 ounce brass washers designed to fit into the spool of either the Galvan Torque or Galvan Rush 8-12 Weight Reels.

This allows anglers to increase the weight of the reel by 1-2 ounces so that they can balance spey/switch rods and big game rods easier.

The Galvan Torque is a fantastic example of a modern, high-end fly reel. It is super light and ported, yet strong and rigid. Sometimes, it can be "too light," if you wish to fish it on a 12.5'-14' spey rod. The balance of your rod and reel is crucial to your casting and fishing, so adding 1 or 2 of these weights to the spool can be all it takes to go from top-heavy to perfectly balanced.

Each pack comes with two 1 ounce spey weights and a removal tool.

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