Complete Euro Nymph Set-Up $269 Rod Reel Line Backing Leader Flies Included (details)
We have put together an Echo Carbon 10ft 3wt Euro Nymph Rod and Echo Reel an Airflo Euro Nymph line, a Rio Leader with tippet ring and 2 Euro Jig nymphs. All set to get you tight line nymphing the day your order arrives.

Fly Tyers Stash Boxes Storage Solutions


Fly Tyers Storage Solutions offer great options for storing and organizing hooks, beads and threads.

Stash Box #1 or Fly tyiers Pop Top Stash Box has 43 individual small pop top boxes inside a larger storage box and sells for $24.95.

Stash Box #2 or Fly Tyers 18 Pop Top Conceal Carry Stash Box is 18 small pop tops inside a smaller plastic storage box and sells for $12.

Stash Box #3 has 8 small pop top containers held in a foam benchside stash bar, it sells for $4.95.

Stash Box #4 holds 43 thread spools inside a larger stash box and sells for $14.25.

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