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EP Crab and Shrimp Eyes

EP Crab and Shrimp Eyes. 6 pair per pack. EP: Enrico Puglisi. The master. The great creator of the EP Crab and Shrimp fly tying eyes. These are mono eyes but they are far more than simple mono eyes for crafting marvelous flies. Available in three sizes, and in black, amber, natural and red, these were first thought of, we think, for saltwater patterns, or for bass flies. Crab flies. Shrimp flies. These are great. But these days, the silly salmon and steelhead anglers are tying many big flies, including Intruder style flies, that incorporate the EP Crab and Shrimp fly tying eyes.

Some fly tyers and fly fishers scoff at the possibility that a fish would notice whether or not a fly incorporated life-like eyes, and gosh darn, these EP Crab and Shrimp eyes look good for fly tying. Some swear that they catch more fish by using these mono eyes on their shrimp flies, crab flies, Prawn flies, and Intruders. We just like the look these EP crab and shrimp eyes give our flies and when we like the look we have that little extra bit of confidence as we fish. So there. Settled that debate.

Final thought, you can mess around trying to make these by melting monofilament. Been there, done that. The EP Crab and Shrimp fly tying eyes are better than the ones we made because they are dependably shaped, have great colors, come in all the sizes we want, and are inexpensive too.