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Echo Gecko Youth Fly Rod


ECHO GECKO Youth Fly Rod.

Finally, a quality fly rod manufacturer figured out that our children are not just miniature adults. We want our kids to enjoy fly fishing. We have tried buying them shorter, lighter fly rods in the past and guess what? Limited interest. They do like to swing the rods around wildly and use them as fly swatters too. Actually helping them learn to cast has always been a challenge.

Tim Rajeff has designed this rod with the reality of our children's youth and desire to explore the world. Tim also created a fly rod that is physically proportioned for children and will actually help their learning process. At 7ft. 9in. and rated at 4/5 weight, these rods cast and fish well in small hands. A slightly longer butt section allows the high-spirited 'wee ones' to hack away at the water in what could well become the finest Spey Casting style. Only time will tell.

Bright colors, the right proportion, genuine fly casting action, and yes, a little added toughness make this a great fly rod for kids. Our kids fish these. Our kids play with them on the river and in the back yard too. We highly recommend the Echo Gecko Youth Fly Rod for beginning fly fishers in about the age 12 and under category.

Echo Gecko rods feature: -Four piece travel design -Alignment dots for quick assembly -Wild colored EVA extra small diameter full wells handle w/small 2" long fighting butt -Fuji style fast-tighten reel seat -Bright yellow gloss blank with orange thread wraps -Hard chrome snake guides -Rod sock and sturdy rod case -Super durable rod design