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DOW Saddle Patches


Dyed Over White Saddle Patches: these long narrow saddles will allow you to tie a wide variety of flies: especially including Buggers; dry flies; Intruders; and any fly that calls for long narrow black feathers. FREE SHIPPING and No Sales TAX.

These are very nice saddle patches with relatively narrow feathers. As is usual with these saddle patches, the feathers at the base of the patch exhibit some web, and a small percentage of feathers on the lower edge of the patch have a lot of web. Feathers along the side and the top of the patch have web only at the very base of each individual feather.

Our supply of dyed black saddles is limited but as the season progresses we hope to have more available to offer our customers.

Black saddle feathers are extremely versatile: Dry and wet flies; streamers; buggers; the possibilities are diverse, because black is a very attractive color to fish species from trout, carp, tarpon, stripers, salmon, steelhead, bass, pike, musky, perch, redfish, and guppies.

Wet and dry Ant Patterns: laugh if you must, but these flies are effective all over the world at various times of the year.

Pure black streamers: tied with long wings of these saddle feathers are attractive to salmonids of all species in fresh and tidal waters around the world.

The possibilities are endless: High quality black saddles are never out of style on our fly tying benches.

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