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Caddis Fly Shop Logo sports wear T Shirts, Hoodies,and caps

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Many of our customers enjoy a variety of shirts, hoodies, caps and the like with our own Caddis Fly Shop logo. From BIG FOOT to a really nice ball cap, we have you covered in style!

We have selected very high quality materials for these shirts, hoodies, caps and the like, and added our distinctive caddis fly logo to deliver great sportswear for our clients.

Caddis Fly Logo sportswear, clothing and caps; and free shipping on most of the quality products we ship from the Caddis Fly Shop.

The various sportswear items we proudly emblazon with our shop LOGO are a great choice to wear on the water and around town. Show off your Caddis Fly Shop style with confidence and have fun at the same time.

Caddis Fly Shop Bigfoot T Shirt: Live the legend of the McKenzie river; is Bigfoot real or imaginary, seen through the mist and heard over the roar of the river rapids. These T Shirts announce that you are part of the local culture, a believer and seeker of the beast. ... view more