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Amadou Fly Dryer


Amadou Fly Dryer Patches- Great Pricing on the best fly dryer for CDC flies available- Free Shipping on orders over $50 with the US and over $500 Internationally

Fungus sandwiched between leather? Who knew? Over a hundred years ago folks in the old country figured out that Amadou was a superb fly drying mechanism. Simply squeeze your wet dry fly in between the Amadou patch and all the water is sucked out or squeezed out, you are now ready for action. Not just for CDC flies the Amadou fly Dryer will also dry larger flies and prepare them to be re-dressed with your favorite fly floatant-ours is FlyAgra by the way.

The great thing about our Amadou listing is the options you have in.

We offer the following:

Amadou Pad or simple patch that you can fold or lay flat or attach to your vest or pack for $16.95, it measures 2x3 inches.

Large Foam Amadou Dryer which is two 2x3 inch Amadou pieces sandwiched together with a foam outer on each side. The nice thing about the Large Foam Amadou is that is naturally opens up so you have the ability to quickly sandwich your fly in the Amadou while itís attached to a vest or pack and get back fishing.

Large Leather Amadou Fly Dryer is the same as the Foam in terms of size it simply has a leather outer instead of the Foam: $29.95.

Small Foam Amadou fly dryer measures 1.5x2 inches and sells for $14.95

Small Leather Amadou fly dryer measures 1.5x2 inches and sells for $16.95

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