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Airflo Titanium Predator Polyleader

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The Airflo Titanium Predator Polyleader sounds tough, is as tough as it sounds, and is the perfect option for anglers seeking leader-slicing quarry in fresh or saltwater.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Titanium Predator Polyleaders _ Airflo's rebuttal to all leader-detroying fish.

We asked Randy Stetzer about the Titanium Predator Polyleader and he was kind enough to clue us in regarding wire length, and construction features not readily available from the Catalog.

Here is what he said: The wire portion is 10" in length with a swiveled clasp at the end to attach your fly. It is a connected to the clear polyleader via twisted wire and knot. The wire is not clear coated as it is single strand and ridgid. The twisted knot areas are shrink wrapped in a plastic sleeve.

Thanks Randy.

Unique features: The wire in the core of this Polyleader is actually Titanium and is a great option for anglers who fish for any fresh or saltwater species with sharp teeth, or fish with sharp gill plates too.

This is a Tropical Leader The monofilament leader core and clear coating that comprise the Polyleader is formulated for warm water conditions.

Material: Super tough - clear Intermediate sink-rate material covering a titanium wire core.

Tippet Options: One option is available: 40 Lbs. beak-strength.

Wire Options: Titanium. This Polyleader is strong cut-resistant stuff for sure.

Leader Length: All Titanium predator leaders are 7 ft.

Fly attachment: This Polyleader is a clear coated wire with a snap swivel already in place for attaching your fly.

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