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Airflo Light Trout PolyLeader

The Airflo Light Trout is a very specialized Polyleader for trout anglers. who fish fly rods under 4 wt with very light tippets.

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_ Airflo's finest, lightest, most supple Polyleader specifically designed for light rods, lines, and tippets.

Please Note: The image for this product is the standard Trout Polyleader that has a 12 Lb core. The light Trout Polyleader Series has an 8 Lb core, but we did not have a nice photo so we used the other as a placeholder.

Key features: This is our specialty, light line, wary trout, superfine tippet, lake and spring creek Polyleader.

How to choose leader length: The 5 ft Light Trout Polyleader, with your tippet of choice, is perfect for rods under about 4 wt, in creek and small stream fishing. We use the 8 ft Light Trout Polyleader when fishing larger glassy rivers, spring-fed creeks, and lakes.

Tippet Options: You can add level or tapered mono or fluorocarbon tippet to these Polyleaders. We typically use from 4 ft to as long as 7 ft of level tippet material, depending on how spooky the fish are. The shortest fly rods are best matched with the 5 ft Polyleader, and 9 ft fly rods are best matched with the 8 ft Polyleader.

Core strength and tippet compatibility: 8 Lb mono core. We usually use tippets in the 2 lb to 5 Lb range for our trout fishing with the LIght Trout Polyleader. These really are best matched with the rods of 4 wt and under, considering both rods and fly lines. These Light Polyleaders are a natural extension of light rods and light lines, casting small dry and wet flies with great finesse.

Leader Length: 5 ft or 8 ft - then add your light tippet to this Polyleader to finish it off..

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