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Airflo Bass & Pike 4ft Polyleader

The Airflo Bass & Pike Polyleader is a general purpose option most useful to fly fishers tossing wind resistant or weighted flies to husky freshwater species like bass and pike.

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Airflo's short, stout, freshwater tapered Polyleader.

Key features: Is this our favorite all-waters Bass & Pike leader? Sure it is. Musky too? Yes, but we suggest that you add a shock tippet or some form of flexible bite-wire to protect from sharp teeth. The Titanium Predator Poly leader is also a great option to consider for Musky also.

Bass & Pike leader length: This is 4 ft Polyleader, intended for short tippets to cast bulky and weighted flies.

Tippet Options: You will add level mono or wire tippet to these Polyleaders.

Core strength and tippet compatibility: 24 Lb mono core. We usually use tippets in the 10 Lb to 15 Lb range - of 3 ft to 4 ft length. These Polyleaders with short firm tippets will cast bass bugs, poppers, and Clousers with perfection.

Leader Length: 4 ft Polyleader - and when you add a tippet of 3 - 4 ft to this Polyleader with a perfection loop or surgeon's knot, your overall leader is in the 7 ft to 8 ft class.

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