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Whiting Pro Grade Dry Fly Saddles

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Whiting Pro Grade Dry Fly Saddles are great for your everday dry fly tying. We love the unique shades that you get with the Hebert line of saddles and capes.

Whiting Pro Grade Dry Fly Saddles. Extra long rooster decorative feathers for hair weaves, feather jewelry, earrings, and feather costumes and masks.

These are super select extra long rooster feathers from the saddle, on the hide or skin, and are all natural colors. The feather length ranges from about 8 to over 14 inches, the feathers are virtually all useful, the colors are simultaneously brilliant and subdued natural hues, and these make fantastic feathers for fly tying and artisans crafting with hair braids and hair weaving, feathered earrings, arts and crafts, hobbyists decorative centerpieces, and costumes

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