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Cements, Cure Goo, & Loon for fly tying

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Cement, Cure Goo & Loon for Fly Tying

We offer the full range of fly tying cements and UV cure products, including Cure Goo and Loon, plus UV curing lights - shipped quickly with No Sales Tax.

From the traditional cements, water based head cements, to the most modern UV cure products, we have you covered with our huge selection of fly finishing supplies and materials.

Loctite Ultra Gel Control
Loctite Extra Time Control
Loctite Ultra Liquid Control
Hareline UV Resin Molds
Loctite Gel Control Bottle
Loctite Brush-On Super Glue
Loctite GO2 All Purpose Glue
Tuffleye Core 30 CC Resin
Deer Creek Diamond Fine Flex UV Resin
Deer Creek Diamond Fine UV Resin
Deer Creek Lazer Diode Torch
Deer Creek Pro Torch
Hareline Universal UV Cure Light
Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish
Clear Cure Goo Flexible
UV Cure Ruler
Flex Coat Syringe Kit
Flex Coat Rodbuilders Epoxy Glue 4oz
Loon Applicator Bottle with Caps and Needles
Griffin Glass Applicator Jar
Fritz Von Schlegel Head Cement
Chartpak AD Markers
WB Head Finish System
WB Thinner
Water Based Head Cement System
ZAP CA Super Thin
Fly Fishing Zap A Gap
Fly Fishing ZAP Brush On
Fly Fishing Zap Gel
ZAP O Odorless Foam Glue
Tear Mender
Z-Poxy 5 Minute
Fly Fishing ZAP Goo
Fly Fishing ZAP Quick Set Epoxy
Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion
Dave's Flexament Thinner
Dave's Flexament
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Flow
Loon UV Mega Light
Loon UV Cure Opening Needles
Loon UV Cure Fly Paint
Loon Outdoors UV Power Light
UV Mini Lamp
Hardheaded Water Based Head Cement
FLEX-COAT Cordless Fly & Jig Turner "Big Wheel"
Flex Coat Pin Clips for Big Wheel
Hareline Lacquer Applicator Bottle
Flex Coat Tip Top Adhesive
Zap a Gap Flexi Tip
ZAP-O Oderless Foam Glue
Loon Soft Head Cement
Loon Hard Head Tying Cement
Loon Mixing Cup
Loon Thin UV Clear Fly Finish
Loon Thick UV Clear Fly Finish
Loon Thin UV Clear Fly Finish
Hard as Hull Head Cement
Hard as Hull Penetrator Cement
Hard as Hull Cement Thinner
Pro Needle Gun For Mini Glue Sticks
Mini Glue Sticks 5/16
Loon Thick UV Clear Fly Finish
Loon Phosphorescent Powder
Loon Fly Tying Powders
Loon Fluorescing Clear Hard Head Tying Cement
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