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Hair & Fur for Fly Tying

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We offer a great selection of natural hair and fur for fly tying from the Caddis Fly Shop, shipped promptly with No Sales Tax.

The Caddis Fly Shop understands the proper applications of the whole range of fly tying materials, fly tying supplies, fly tying hair and fur, fly tying hackles, and fly tying feathers -- and we stock fly tying kits, and fly tying hair and fur to tie wings, tails, and bodies of freshwater flies, saltwater flies, steelhead flies, salmon flies, bass flies, pike flies, tuna flies, and flying-fish flies. No kidding. Ya think all deer hair is created equal? Nope. Same with Elk hair. Different flies have very specific requirements for the hair used to construct wings. Small dry flies can not be tied with Moose body hair, Elk mane, or Spinning Deer hair. Big steelhead skaters or bass bugs just can’t be tied with short fine deer hair. An Elk Hair Caddis is an effective and relatively simple fly to tie, but starting with hair that is too short and fine, or too coarse and long is a formula for disaster. Here are just a few examples of what we mean and the materials we stock. If you’re not sure what you need, call or email, and we will be happy to help select the hair or fur that is best suited to for your fly tying needs. ... view more

Hareline Coyote Face Mask
White Finnish Raccoon Fur Piece
Finn Racoon
Marble Fox
American Opossum
Arctic Fox Tail
Finn Raccoon Zonker
Calftail Combo
Arctic Fox Zonker
Ozzie Possum Fur Piece
Hareline Premium White Deer Belly Hair
Nature's Spirit Dyed Deer Belly
Nature's Spirit Dyed Select Cow Elk
Nature's Spirit Spinning Cow Elk
Nature's Spirit Bull Elk
Nature's Spirit Deer Hock
Nature's Spirit Comparadun Deer Hair
Nature Spirit Humpy Deer
Nature's Spirit Spinning Deer Hair
Nature's Spirit All Purpose Deer Hair
Natures Spirit Yearling Elk Hair
Natures Spirit Early Season Cow Elk
Natures Spirit Bleached Spinning Cow Elk
Natures Spirit Cow Elk
Natures Spirit Dyed Early Season Cow Elk
Natures Spirit Classic Bull Elk Mane
Natures Spirit Speckled Moose Body Hair
Natures Spirit Elk Rump and Dyed Elk Rump
Hareline ICE Wing
Hareline Icelandic Sheep Hair
Hareline Gray Squirrel Tail
Hareline Squirrel Tail Combo Pack
Hareline Large Northern Bucktail
Hareline Calf Tails
Hareline Fishair
Hareline Calf Body Hair
Wapsi Muskrat Fur Piece
Hareline Arctic Fox Hair: Body Fur
Hareline Extra Select Craft Fur
Hareline Barred Pseudo Hair
Wapsi Badger Fur Patch
Hareline Comparadun Hair
Hareline Bleached Elk
Hareline Mule Deer Hair
Hareline Natural Elk Hair
Hareline Moose Mane
Hareline Elk Mane
Hareline Premo Deer Hair Strips
Hareline Dyed Deer Body Hair
Hareline Deer Belly Hair Dyed Over White
Hareline Bucktail Combo
Hareline Fluorescent Bucktail Combo
Hareline Moose Body Hair
Hareline Pseudo Marabou
Hareline Pseudo Hair
Hareline Deer Belly Combo Pack
Hareline Rams Wool
Hareline Selected Hair Wing
Hareline Coastal Blacktail Deer Body Hair
Hareline Premium White Deer Belly Hair
Cohen's Suede Patch for Fly Tying
Coyote Fur Piece
Badger Fur Piece
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