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The Caddis Fly is committed to preserving our coldwater fisheries & is a proud supporter of Eugene. Oregon Trout Unlimited.

RIO Fly Lines for Fresh and Saltwater Fishing

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RIO offers specialty fly lines for every imaginable fly fishing situation from high altitude trout to bluewater ocean - we have every concievable Rio Fly Line available, shipped free with no sales tax.

We are sure you will find the Rio's fly line to meet your needs among our inventory. Trout season almost certainly calls for a Rio Gold; nymph and egg pattern fishing requires an Indicator II line and yes, our estuary and nearshore rods are typically strung with Rio Outbound fly lines.

The Caddis Fly shop offers the hottest new RIO fly lines every season: fly lines for the novice and expert angler at competitive pricing.

Some of the latest offerings include the Perception floating trout fly line; Indicator II; In Touch CamoLux; InTouch Midge Tip LONG; Pike/Musky; Outbound Short Shooting Head; Skagit Max Spey; Skagit Max Short Spey; Skagit Max VersiTip; Skagit iShort Spey ; GripShooter Shooting line; Switch Chucker; Short Head Spey; Floating 15 and 10 ft Replacement Tips.

InTouch Technology:

All Rio fly lines are now manufactured with Rio’s own InTouch technology. Rio’s new and unique non-stretch ConnectCore produces a fly line with no stretch. Traditional fly lines typically had over 20% stretch in their cores; however, InTouch ConnectCore fly lines have a 4% stretch. Essentially, this provides you with much more sensitivity and the ability to set the hook on a fish much more effectively because due to decreased stretch, a tight connection comes much quicker. In other words, “when the phone rings, you answer it that much quicker.” ... view more

Rio In-Touch Big Nasty Fly Line
Rio In-Touch Trout/Steelhead Indicator Fly Line
Rio Camolux Lake Series Fly Line
In Touch Xtreme Indicator
In Touch Trout LT
In Touch Rio Grand
In Touch Rio Gold
InTouch Rio Perception Fly Line
Rio InTouch Hover Lake Line
RIO Gold Fly Line
RIO Grand Fly Line
Rio Lightline Fly Line
Rio InTouch Salmon Steelhead Line
Rio InTouch Single Handed Spey Line
Rio Indicator 2 Fly Line
Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Line
Trout LT Series Fly Lines
In Touch 10 ft Clear Sink Tip Rio Streamer Fly Line Sink Rate 1.5 ips
10 ft Type 6 In Touch Streamer Series Sink Tip Fly Lines
Rio In Touch 15 ft Type 3 Sink Tip Fly Lines
In Touch 15 ft Type 6 Sink Tip Rio Fly Lines
In Touch 24 ft Density Compensated Sink Tip Series Rio Fly Lines
Rio In Touch Midge Tip Long Fly Line
Rio In Touch Subsurface CamoLux Intermediate Fly Line
AquaLux II Clear Intermediate Lake Fly Line: Rio Stillwater Lines
Midge Tip Intermediate Fly Lines: Rio Lake Series Fly Lines
Rio In-Touch Deep 3 Sinking Fly Line: Lake Series Fly Lines
Rio In-Touch Deep 5 Sinking Fly Line: Lake Series Fly Lines
Rio In-Touch Deep 6 Sinking Fly Line: Lake Series Fly Lines
Rio In-Touch Deep 7 Sinking Fly Line: Lake Series Fly Lines
Rio In Touch Outbound Short: Specialty Series
Rio Coldwater Saltwater General Purpose Line
Rio Tropical General Purpose Saltwater Fly Line
RIO In Touch Pike / Musky Fly Line
Smallmouth Bass Fly Line: RIO Specialty Series Lines
Rio In Touch Versitip II Freshwater Mulit-Tip fly line - Versitip 2
Summer Redfish Fly Line: RIO Tropical Series Fly Lines
Bonefish Fly Line: RIO Tropical Series Fly Lines
Rio Bonefish Quickshooter Fly Line: Tropical Fly Lines
Rio Tarpon Floating Fly Line: Tropical Lines
Rio Tarpon TECHNICAL Floating Tropical Fly Lines
Tropical RIO Outbound Short Fly Line
Leviathan 26 ft Sink Tip Fly Line: RIO Tropical Fly Lines
Leviathan Fly Line: Intermediate Rio Saltwater Tropical Lines
Billfish Shooting Head Tropical Series Fly Line
Rio In Touch Switch Fly Lines
Rio Skagit iFlight Fly Line
Rio Scandi Short Versitip Spey Line
RIO Scandi AFS VersiTip Shooting Head Kit: Includes 3 Versileaders and Wallet
Rio UniSpey - Full Floating Fly Line
Rio Scandi Body Spey Shooting Head Fly Line
Rio Mainstream Trout Series Fly Lines
Rio Mainstream Saltwater Fly Line
Rio Mainstream Bass Fly Line
Rio Avid Series Saltwater Fly Line
Rio Avid Series Trout Fly Lines: Floating & 24 ft Sink Tip
Rio In Touch Striper Coldwater Series Fly Lines
RIO In Touch Outbound Short Coldwater Fly Line Series
RIO In Touch Outbound Coldwater Fly Line Series
Rio Anti Twist Spey Swivel
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