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The Caddis Fly is committed to preserving our coldwater fisheries & is a proud supporter of Eugene. Oregon Trout Unlimited.

Fly Fishing Nets

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Big or small, nets come in handy in wide range of situations. They not only make it easier on you, they also make it easier on the fish. The Caddis Fly Shop has a massive inventory of nets in all shapes and sizes, so we can get you exactly the net you need for the style of fishing you do.

Easier on the fish – Keep ‘em wet.

If I can successfully land and release a fish without touching it once, I am a happy angler. Its not because of the slime, its because there is nothing more invasive or harmful we can do than grabbing and handling a fish. The “death grip” as we so often see in fishing photos will most assuredly injure or kill the fish. Think of nets as an extension of your arm; the basket is your hand that cradles the fish in the water, which keeps them wet and healthy while you get your hemostats out to remove the fly. Nets nowadays are being made with materials that are much more comforting on the fish, and the Caddis Fly only stocks high quality, fish-safe fishing nets.

What kind of net should I use?

Well, it depends on the type of fishing you do. Obviously, if you target larger species, such as salmon or steelhead, you need a larger net to accommodate the size category of the fish. If you target trout, a smaller basket will be just fine. The next question is always about the length of the net arm. Typically, if you are fishing out of a boat, you want a net with a long shaft so you can reach better. If you do more walk & wade fishing, a smaller shaft simply with a handle is perfect. Furthermore, trying to walk along the banks with a long-shafted net and trying to land a fish in the river with a long-shafted net is next to impossible. ... view more

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