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The Caddis Fly is committed to preserving our coldwater fisheries & is a proud supporter of Eugene. Oregon Trout Unlimited.

Steelhead & Salmon

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The Caddis Fly Shop offers a full selection of the best flies for trout, steelhead, salmon, tarpon, bass, and any species you can name

- backed by superior customer service: NO SALES TAX, and FREE domestic SHIPPING on all fly orders over 25 bucks.

The Caddis Fly Shop will deliver the hot flies and the traditional patterns; we have the best flies for any species you may target.

Why purchase your flies from the Caddis Fly Shop?

We're a full service Fly Shop, staffed with men and women who devote most of our personal and professional lives to fly fishing, and this involves fishing actual flies, not just talking about something we see in a catalog. Hottest New Tube Flies Tube flies are more than just a fad. From Steelhead to trout, Tube Flies have proved to be a huge creative asset in our fly boxes and we have the best selection of the hot new Tube flies in stock now.

We organize our flies in general categories: ... view more

UV2 Mara-Moal Midnight Magic
Rusty Brown Bomber
Tube Bomber
Grantham Sedge
Quigleys Dragon Gurgler
Grease Liner
Steelehad Beetle
Skaopper Tube
Versi Tube Steelhead Tube Fly
Riffle Rider
Steelhead Mini Muddler
Fighting Gravity
Egg Sucking Hareball Leech
Agent Onyx
Barbell Egg Sucking Leech
Scott Howell's Squidro
Silvey's Silveynator
Signature Intruder Steelhead and Chinook Salmon Fly
Pick'Yer Pocket: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Dirk Wiggler: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Guide Intruder: Salmon & Steelhead Specialty Flies
Strung Out Rockstar
Reverse Marabou Leech
Gerath's Curb Feeler
Miles Davis Steelhead fly
Steelhead Mojo
Willie Nelson Steelhead Stinger Fly
Deuce Wigalo Steelhead Fly
Star Leg Leech
Hartwick's Hoser
Hickman's Sid Fishes
Twitcher: Steelhead Specialty Flies
Copper Swan: Trout & Steelhead Specialty flies
Jack's Train Wreck: Steelhead Specialty Flies
Foxee Dog: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Steelhead Muddler: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Strung-Out in the Mud: Steelhead Specialty Flies
M's Muddler Purple: Steelhead & Trout Specialty Flies
BH Steelhead Caddis Nymph: Steelhead & Trout Flies
Egg Head Leech: Salmon & Steelhead Specialty Flies
Hogan's Steelie May: Steelhead Specialty Nymph flies
Morejohn's Bantam 2", Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Loop Leech: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Thunder Head Moal Leech: Salmon & Steelhead Specialty Flies
Moal Leech: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Salmonid Bugger: Salmon & Steelhead Specialty Flies
Hobit Spey # 2: Salmon & Steelhead Specialty Flies
Hoh Bo Spey # 2 Steelhead and Chinook Salmon Fly
Low Water Fierce Allegiance: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Septober Soft Hackle: Steelhead & Trout Specialty Flies
Septober Caddis Midnight Fire: Steelhead Specialty Flies
Agent Orange: Specialty Steelhead Nymph Flies
Bead Head Egg Leech Blue: Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Bennet's Last Light, Idylwilde Steelhead & Salmon flies
Bunny Practitioner: Summer & winter Steelhead & Salmon Flies
Wired Prince: Steelhead & Trout Specialty Nymph Flies
Conehead Wired Nymph: Trout & Steelhead Specialty Nymph Flies
Copper Top: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Dark Crystal Stone: Steelhead Specialty Nymph Flies
Dean River Horse Fly: Specialty Steelhead Dry & Skater Flies
Egg Leech: Salmon, Trout, & Steelhead Specialty Flies
Egg Sucking Stonefly Black: Summer & Winter Steelhead Flies
Ferry Canyon: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Flash Fly Black: King, Coho, Chinook, & Chum Salmon Flies
General Practitioner Orange: Salmon, Summer & Winter Steelhead Flies
Green Butt Silver Hilton: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Green Butt Skunk: Summer & Winter Steelhead Specialty Flies
Green Lantern: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Holographic Green Butt Skunk: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Irish Car Bomb: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
JB's Simple Egg Leech: Salmon & Steelhead Specialty Flies
Jumbo Critter: KIng Salmon & Steelhead Specialty Flies
Jumbo Wired Nymph: Specialty Steelhead & Trout Nymph flies
Lady Carolyn: Summer Steelhead Specialty Fies
LAF Summerberry: Summer steelhead Specialty Flies
Mathews October Caddis Pupa: Steelhead & Salmon Flies
Polly Wog Pink: Specialty Alaska Coho Salmon Flies
Popsicle Conehead Version: Salmon & Winter Steelhead Flies
Purple Angel: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Purple Peril: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Rogue Silver Ant: Specialty Half Pounder Steelhead Flies
Signal Light: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Silver Hilton: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Ska-Hopper Black: Summer Steelhead Dry & Skater Flies
Ska-Hopper Brown: Summer Steelhead Dry & Skater Flies
Starlight Leech Red Head: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Stinger Foam Skatter: Steelhead & Trout Specialty Dry flies
Stinger Muddler: Steelhead Dry & Waker Specialty Flies
Streetwalker: Summer Steelhead Specialty Flies
Tungsten Copper Bob: Steelhead Specialty Nymph Flies
Tungsten Rubberlegs John Black: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Veild Assasin Orange/Pink: Steelhead & Salmon Specialty Flies
Wake n' Bake Black/Purple: Specialty Steelhead Dry & Waker Flies
Waller Foam Walker: Steelhead Specialty Dry & Skater Flies
Waller Walker: Specialty Steelhead Dry & Skater Flies
Hickman's Chrome Magnet: Idylwilde Steelhead & Salmon Flies
Coyote: Salmon And Saltwater Specialty Flies
Fall Run: Specialty Steelhead & Salmon Flies
Skaten Fool: Steelhead & Trout Specialty Flies
Tri-Flash Husker: Specialty Steelhead & Salmon Flies
Star Leg Leech
Strung Out Rockstar
Silvey's Tail Light
Brazilian: Steelhead Specialty Flies
Hartwick's Duck Turd, Idylwilde Steelhead & Salmon flies
Silvey's Prawn 4", Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Hickman's Fish Taco 2.5", Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Steelhead Coachman, Idylwilde Steelhead & Salmon flies
Idyl's Pimp, Idylwilde Steelhead & Salmon flies
Fox's Hot Shot Comet Size 2, Idylwilde Steelhead & Salmon flies
Silvey's Spey Green Butt, Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Steelhead Muddler, Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Morning Thunder, Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead flies
Silvey's Purple Nurple, Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Silvey's Pool Cleaner, Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Borden Special, Idylwilde Sea Run Cutthroat Flies
Berry's Rambulance
Hartwick's Silent Assassin
Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Idylwilde Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Berry's The Hoax
Silvey's Tube Snake
Crandall's UV2 Steelhead Patterns
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