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Duck, Goose, Turkey, Hen, Partridge feathers for Fly Tying

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We have an excellent selection of Duck, Goose, Turkey, Hen, Partridge & Similar Bird Feathers & Plumes: the best you need for Fly Tying - shipped quickly with No Sales Tax.

This is the section where we organize feathers mostly suitable for wet flies, fly wings, tails, hackles, and also for decorative craft purposes like earrings, necklaces, jewlery and hair braids.

Duck, Goose, Turkey, Hen, Partridge & Similar Bird Feathers & Plumes: Decorative & Fly Tying Supplies & Materials

Whiting Farms Hen Cape
Hareline Fine Black Barred Marabou Feathers
Hareline Woolly Bugger Marabou
Fish Hunter Marabou Spey Blood Quills
Fish Hunter Marabou Blood Quills
Hareline Spey Plumes Supplies
Hareline Stripped Goose Biots
Grizzly Soft Hackle Marbou Patch
Soft Hackle Marabou Patches
Hareline Turkey Biot Quills
Hareline Premo Turkey Flats
Hareline Cinnamon Tip Turkey Tail Feathers
Hareline Select Goose Shoulder
Mottled Peacock Wing
Hareline Ozark Oak Mottled Turkey Quills
Hungarian Partridge Skins Natural
Hungarian Partridge Feathers from Hareline
Metz #1 Variant Hen Saddle
Whiting Hebert Minor Hen Saddle
Whiting Farms Coq De Leon Hen Saddle
Whiting Farms Coq De Leon Soft Hackle with Chickabou
American Hen Saddle - Whiting Farms
Hareline India Hen Back, fly Tying Supplies
Whiting Farms - Hen Saddle
Hen Cape - Whiting Farms
Metz Hen Necks, fly Tying Supplies & Materials
Whiting Brahma Hen Saddle
Hareline CDC Oiler Puffs, Fly tying Supplies
Hareline Grizzly Soft Hackle, fly Tying Supplies
Hareline Starling Skins
Hareline Strung Guinea Feathers, Fly TyingSupplies & Materials
Hareline Bronze Mallard
Hareline Gadwall Feathers
Hareline Mallard Flank
Hareline Teal Flank Feathers
Marc Petitjean Select CDC Feathers
Wapsi CDC Super Select
Wapsi Gadwall Barred Flank
Silver Pheasant Feathers
Hareline Grizzly Mini Marabou
Hareline Mallard Whole Wings
Hareline Saltwater Neck Hackle
Metz Hatchery Soft Hackle
Hareline Mini Marabou
Hareline Cul De Canard Feathers
Hareline Extra Select Strung Marabou
Hareline Cul De Chicken Patch WaterShed Treated
Hareline Quill Body
Hareline Blue Peacock Neck Feathers
Hareline English Grouse Soft Hackle
Hareline Natural Emu Feathers
Hareline Wood Duck Flank: Fly Tying Feathers Materials Supplies
Brahma Hen Soft Hackle w/ Chickabou
Barred CDC Feathers
Whiting American Hen Cape
Widgeon Flank Feathers
Pintail Flank Feathers
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