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Yeti Coolers and Drinkware

Yeti coolers: Product and Consumer reviews from the Caddis Fly Shop customers prove that these are truly superior coolers.

We here at the Caddis Fly are hard-shell cooler aficionados - and Yeti Coolers are the best of the best for our day trips and multi-day river camping, and fishing guide trips.

We haul food down rivers through class IV rapids, usually making it through unscathed, or close enough to it as to claim victory. We carry perishables in HOT weather. We carry yummy food in BEAR country. Raccoon and Skunk territory too. We haul our coolers from boats, up trails, sit on them, drink beer on them, use them for cutting boards, drop them over cliffs, and all the silly things that happen on the river and traversing from boats and trucks to campsites.

We have put these Yeti coolers to the test and here is our product review as a consumer: AAA+++

We really, honestly love these marine grade fishing and camping coolers by Yeti, including the Yeti Tundra cooler and the Yeti Roadie cooler. Her is what happened. We have many decades, as fly fishing, camping, whitewater boating, and deep sea mariners. We have used a variety of coolers throughout this period. Fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, even, in a pinch, styrofoam. prdon us but YUCK!

The first thing we noticed about the Yeti line of coolers was the heft of these babies. then we noticed the hinges, and the carry handles, and the virtually air-tight seal on the lid, and the available boat seat and wide range of tie down, slide in and out, and such forth accessories. Egads!

Being gear junkies, we took several of these coolers out on the rivers where we boat, camp, and fish. An honest, side-by-side comparison proved that these Yeti Coolers kept ice longer, kept our food and beverages colder, and stood up to our most casual harassment, dropping, sitting, and attempts to light them on fire with bacon grease dripping off the camp stove. (OK, the last part was an imaginary dalliance) Everything else is real world reporting. Our only dilemma now is finding ways to sell our perfectly adequate but not up to Yeti standards coolers so we can completely switch over to these heavy duty, durable beyond comparison, marine grade, whitewater, camping, rafting, fishing coolers by, you guessed it, YETI.

Try the Tundra in 35 qt, 45 qt, and 65 qt sizes. Try the Roadie Yeti cooler with the cool steel handle in a 25 Qt size. Try a white Yeti cooler. Try a tan Yeti cooler. These coolers rock the rocks, no kidding.

The Yeti cooler is our answer to every wish list we ever imagined for a hard-shell cooler. We have used some very fine hard-shell coolers in the past, but none comes close to the standards set by the Yeti cooler. Hinges? Tough. Carrying handle? Check. Front closure security? These Yeti coolers provide two-point, infallible., secure front closures. Keeps cold in and heat out? AMAZING performance. Solid? Shockingly tough. From the rubber air-tight seal in the lid, to the armored car like construction with high density foam chamber these Yeti coolers were immediately recognizable as the top of the quality list -- we knew it when we first say these coolers, and field use has only proven what anyone who knows coolers can see: A Yeti cooler is the best of the best.