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Yeti Tundra Cooler


Yeti Tundra Cooler, your perfect mid-size cooler for weekend trips!

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The Yeti Tundra Coolers are offered in 35 qt to 75 qt sizes, call the shop for larger sizes, providing a wide range of options for day and extended travels to nearby or exotic destinations. After having considerable experience with hundred-plus qt coolers over the years, we have concluded that coolers in this storage capacity range are far more useful for three key reasons: First, they are easier to handle, and this saves ruptured disks that are a risk when handling gimundo size coolers. Second, it is easier to find a place to stash one of these (or a half dozen) coolers than to stow a monster size cooler. Finally, it is far more efficient to keep food cold in several modest size coolers than in one or two giant coolers that must be constantly opened and closed to obtain each day's rations. There you have it. The Yeti Tundra cooler. Looking for a day trip cooler? Click the page to see the Yeti Roadie cooler.

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