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Winston Nimbus Two Handed Rods


Inspired by R.L. Winston’s legendary Boron rods, the Nimbus Two Handed Fly Rod brings all of the attributes you’ve come to expect from a Winston in a 100% graphite fly rod.

The Nimbus uses the same multi modulus graphite and mid-tip flex tapers as the Boron series rods.

The Winston Nimbus Two Handed Rods are a progressive, fast action rod that delivers incredible performance and immensely smooth casting. Winston has always struck a perfect balance between power and finesse, and the Nimbus lives up to that standard as well. The progressive action of this fly rod means it can perform in a variety of environments. Due to the power you can generate from these fast action rods, they can all handle scandi and skagit setups.

The 6119-4 is definitely more of a dry line, scandi rod. Due to its shorter length and lighter line weight, you would struggle to generate the power and line speed necessary to throw heavy tips and heavy flies, but you could certainly throw light tips with smaller sub-surface flies. This will overall be a great tool for summer swinging.

The 7129-4 is your PNW steelhead machine. From Summer to Winter, this rod has become a favorite of ours in recent years. The 7 weight has long since been our "overall go-to" weight in two handed rods for steelhead, but with it condensed into less than 13' of fly rod you can generate a ton of power. Whether it is skaters on the Deschutes or A-leeches on the coast, you will find this rod to be a versatile and superb two handed rod to fish with.

The 8139-4 is your winter steelhead stick. With a high line weight and long length, this rod is best when you have a medium-heavy sink tip of 8-14' with a weighted fly on the end of your line. If you are looking for a primary winter steelheading rod, look no further than this model.

The Nimbus has a new look! Deviating from the classic “Winston Green” coloration, the Nimbus is offered in a brilliant sky blue color that is unique to other rods on the market. You still get the renowned handwritten inscription on the rod, as well.

The components on the Winston Nimbus are also second to none. We so often focus solely on the materials of the blank itself when it comes to a discussion on fly rods. This is only part of the equation, because if you have a cheaper fly rod, typically the components are the first to break as opposed to the rod itself, so high quality guides and reel seats are of utmost importance. With the Winston Nimbus, you can rest assured knowing that all of the components, from small to large, are of the highest quality and durability.

On the Nimbus Two Handed Rods you get chrome nanolite stripping guides with chrome plated snake guides, and a titanium anodized reel seat.

Every Winston Nimbus Two Handed Fly Rod comes with a grey powder-coated aluminum rod tube for safe storage and travel, as well as a lifetime warranty. All Winston Nimbus Rods are made proudly in Twin Bridges, MT.

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