Complete Euro Nymph Set-Up $269 Rod Reel Line Backing Leader Flies Included (details)
We have put together an Echo Carbon 10ft 3wt Euro Nymph Rod and Echo Reel an Airflo Euro Nymph line, a Rio Leader with tippet ring and 2 Euro Jig nymphs. All set to get you tight line nymphing the day your order arrives.

Winston Kairos Two Handed Rods


Introducing the Winston Kairos Two Handed Fly Rods! These Two Handed Rods provide the perfect blend of speed and smoothness when it comes to spey casting.

Due to the perfect balance of spey rod characteristics, this rod allows anglers to enjoy it from dry line swingin' to sink tip searchin' .

Proudly made in Twin Bridges, MT, the Winston Kairos Two Handed Fly Rods are a modern, fast action rod with an innovative, streamlined design. Ready to tackle any angling challenge, the Kairos Two Handed fly rods are available in two different options to give spey anglers a choice between what they are looking for in their next two handed rod.

In terms of action, this is a modern, fast action fishing tool. This modern action gives it incredible tip flex with quick recovery, while maintaining a stout backbone for long casts, tight loops, heavy flies, and windy conditions. Whether it is a rod dedicated to summer steelhead fishing with a dry line or a more versatile, all-around spey rod, you cant go wrong with the Kairos line of fly rods. The 6123-4 is definitely going to excel with dry lines and light flies for swinging or skating during shade sessions. Due to the lighter weight and overall shorter length, this rod will not be as effective with long, heavy sink tips and weighted flies in comparison to a longer and heavier-weight spey rod. You simply wont be able to generate the power and line speed necessary. Not to say it wont work, but it wont be the best tool for the job. It will, however, be your new favorite spey rod when it comes to dry line fishing. The 7133-4 is more of your all-around rod. Summer or Winter, Skagit or Scandi, this rod will have the ability to swing in a variety of conditions. We often refer to the 7 weight, 13 foot spey rod as your all-around two handed rod, very similar to the way in which a 9' 5 weight is your all-around trout fishing tool. Whatever it is you choose, we guarantee you will be pleased with the smooth casting, versatile usage, and lighting fast recovery you get from the Winston Kairos.

This fly rod's stunning appearance is thanks to a clear graphite finish with Winston green thread wraps and the classic handwritten rod inscription. For a mid-priced two handed fly rod, you wont find anything better on the market today.

The Chrome Nanolite stripper guides and chrome plated snake guides on this fly rod are incredibly durable and can withstand any environment. The black anodized aluminum engraved reel seat finishes off the rod with a tough but beautiful base. The Winston Kairos is a 4 piece, two handed rod that comes with a grey, triangular Cordura tube with an embroidered R.L. Winston logo.

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