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Boron III Plus Freshwater Rods

Excuse please? Freshwater Boron III PLUS Fly Rods? What exactly are these fly rods? Some fly shops include these in the same category as the saltwater Boron II PLUS series, but we have chosen to differentiate them in our catalog and in our heads as well.

Boron III PLUS freshwater rods are very similar to their saltwater analogs

except that they do not have a fighting butt that distinguishes their Saltwater siblings.

Boron III PLUS Freshwater fly rods in 5 wt and 6 wt are fast action fly rods with loads of reserve power to push line speed, cast overloaded sinking lines, deliver wind resistant streamers and nymph rigs under the most difficult imaginable conditions.

Did we mention that Boron III PLUS Freshwater rods are powerful?

Hope so, because they are and this fact makes them the rod we want to have in our hands when a really giant trout or summer steelhead surprises us and it is time to put the brakes on.

Winston Boron III PLUS Freshwater Fly Rod details

4 piece design

Fast and powerful action in a traditional Winston green blank

The tip guide is oversized, and stripper guides are Chrome nanolite

Freshwater Boron III PLUS Rods are powerful, accurate and precise

Oversize stripper guides are the hardest in the industry

Full Wells cork grip of the highest quality cork

The green up locking Winston anodized aluminum finish is superior

Freshwater Boron III PLUS Rods include 5 wt and 6 wt options

Ultra light rod tube of graphite with embossed Winston logo / rod sock

Fish anywhere in freshwater with harsh demanding angling environments

Reel Seat craftsmanship is noteworthy: both in terms of appearance and performance. A super hard aluminum anodization process applied to the Winston Green reel seat features double locking rings and self interacting O rings to secure the reel under the harshest pressure when that big fish is running. In addition, the Winston Logo engraved on the reel seat gives this fly rod a look that is at once elegant and says that it is a force to be reckoned with.

And how about those NEW Winston guides and tip? All Winston Boron III PLUS fly rods feature an all new chrome nano lite Winston stripping guides and an oversized tip top: these combine to provide ultra low friction, maximum line speed and insurance against the unfortunate situation when a line knot sticks at just the wrong time and that trophy size fish breaks our tippet.

our staff at the Caddis Fly Angling Shop do not simply sell Winston, we provide the angler an opportunity to make an informed decision regarding selecting a great fly rod from among a large variety of very good products.

Winston Boron III PLUS fly rods offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY, and we stand ready to assist any clients who have need for warranty service when you drop by the shop.

Boron III Plus - Freshwater from R.L. Winston Rod Co. on Vimeo.

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