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Winston BIIIX - B3x Fly Rods


Winston Boron III X fly rods are among our staff favorites at The Caddis Fly Angling Shop: we ship promptly, with no sales tax and all domestic shipping is free.

Winston Boron fly rods have proved their value over decades of our personal experience, we reach for these rods during all four seasons of Oregon fly fishing and pack Winston fly rods for our travel to exotic destinations as well.

Guide Reviews and video on Winston B 3 X Boron III fly rods: If we trust and fish the BIIIX, you can be confident that these are truly great fly rods.

Why purchase from the Caddis Fly Shop? Simple. First, our superior customer service. Second, the fact that you will be able to obtain the full range of fly tying, fly fishing and travel products at every price point from us, your best single source fly fishing shop. Third, because we tie and fish with our products, meaning that we know the gear and materials, rather than simply warehousing the stuff. Finally, because we ship most items free domestically, ship internationally at cost effective rates, and we are a no sales tax state. Thank you sincerely for the opportunity to meet your fly fishing and fly tying needs.

How are these 3rd generation Boron Winston rods different? Winstonís use of Boron and graphite composites in their rods creates a most delightful fly rod: these are rods that are light in hand, powerful to cast, tuned to the short presentation and the long bomb, and are probably the most generally pleasurable and effective fly rods to fish a wide variety of conditions. Winston is consistently fine tuning their Boron composite technology and upgrading finish components, producing actions and performance that is superior in small ways to previous generations of fly rods that we already came to appreciate as being the best of the best.

Winston B III X Key Features:

Guides: light ultra hard chrome shooting snake guides with nano lite stripping guides.

Reel Seat: anodized aluminum or nickel silver with burled wood insert, depending on rod weight. Generally the 3 & 4 wt rods have freshwater components, and the anodized aluminum reel seats come into play in the long 4 wt, longer 5 wt and 6 through 8 wt rods.

Rod Tube: Graphite Premium rod tube with cream Winston Logo rod sock.

The B3X action: Fast and comfortable.

The B3X rod color: Winston Green.

Five piece B3x rods: Winston offers a 9 ft travel rod in this series at line weights 4, 5, and 6.

3 wt B3X: a beauty with cigar grip, this is a wonderful all waters three weight fly rod with power to spare.

4 wt B3x rods: Winston offers four options from 8 ft 6 in to 10 ft in this line class, with cigar grips except for the full wells on the 10 ft rod. These are all wonderful light trout fly rods

5 wt B3x rods:Winston offers three options from 8 ft 6 in to 9 ft 6 in this line class, probably the most universally accepted all trout all waters fly rod. The two shorter rods have the cigar grip and the longest rod has full wells grip with fighting butt, perfect for the lightest flats bonefish experience.

6 wt B3x rods: With a 9 ft and 9 ft 6 in option in this line class, you are set for large trout, streamers, smallies, and bonefish adventures. Light powerful rods to cover a wide range of species.

7 wt B3x rods: Winston offers a 9 ft and a 9 ft 6 in rod this seven weight class; we consider these to be fabulous summer steelhead rods to fish traditional damp and skated dry flies.

8wt B3x rods: Winston offers a 9 ft and 9 ft 6 in rod in this 8 wt series. These are our go to rods when we fish single hand rods for winter steelhead.