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Winston ALPHA+ Rods


Winston ALPHA+ Fly Rods are fast action rods designed to cast the big, heavy and wind resistant flies that predator fish love.

The Winston ALPHA+ "hums" with heavy flies, heavy lines, shooting heads and sink tips. Think one back cast with a heavy line and fly and back into the bite zone, repeat with ease until fish is on! From the get go the Winston ALPHA+ had the big stuff in mind.

Each Winston ALPHA+ model has a designated grain window for each model to help you sort through the massive variety of lines on the market today.

ALPHA+ rods are extra reinforced for lifting power and "fish moving" power. Specific taper designs keep these fast action rods Winston cast friendly but still powerful.

Winston ALPHA+ rods come in 5wt-12wt

All rods are 4 pieces. Guides are hard chrome oversized snakes, and chrome nano lite stripping guides. Reel seat is up locking with anodized aluminum with double locking rings. Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock is standard with each model.

Freshwater configuration on 5 & 6 weights come with a cigar grip, figured maple and nickel silver reel seat. 7-12 weights have fighting butts, aluminum seats and full wells grips.

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