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Whiting Rooster Feathers: Full Saddle

Whiting Rooster Feathers: Full Saddle,

More than 200 Feathers per saddle, 8-14 inches in length. These are the real deal, wish we had grizzly in stock but for now it's just brown.

Beautiful, long rooster saddle hackle feathers in a large variety of colors.

This product is labeled the Whiting dry fly and it is a full saddle feather patch. the feathers are not quite as long as the Whiting Euro hackle saddle feathers, however, they are slim, long, sleek, shiny, and very much like the Euro saddle feathers. The colors are stunning and the feathers extremely popular. We try to update the list of colors currently available, but please call or email to get on our contactual list. Whether you are tying dry flies, Intruder steelhead flies, or making feather jewelry or earrings, we try to provide the best possible customer service and will attempt to notify you when we get periodic shipments of these great feathers. These outstanding rooster saddle hackle feathers are very Euro-like, and are in stock now, so jump on it if you can!


Whiting Rooster Feathers: Full Saddle,