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Lamson Cobalt Spare Spool


The Lamson Cobalt Spare Spool is a big game powerhouse that brings many new technological breakthroughs to the fly fishing world.

The Cobalt Series is designed for the salt. From flats fishing to the deep blue, this reel/spool is designed to battle the largest angling targets in the world and withstand the harsh environments in which they swim.

Getting a spare spool for your Lamson Cobalt Reel is a great way to be extremely versatile and ready for anything of your next venture to the salt. With multiple spools you can be ready to fish at various depths, with various tackle, or for different species of fish in different environments. It is a cost effective method to cover all of your bases. Spools are seamlessly interchanged on this reel system as well.

The Cobalt's frame is fully machined and dramatically strengthens the side that bears the most load. The design of the foot and frame distribute weight extremely well and the large arbor spool give you incredible retrieval rates.

Material: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel.

Model Diameter Width Weight Rod Weight Line Backing Capacity
 Cobalt 5  3.85"  1"  5 oz  5/6  WF6  100 yards 20#
 Cobalt 8  4.25"  1"  7 oz  7/8  WF8 250 yards 20# 
 Cobalt 10  4.53"  1.08"  10.3 oz  9/10  WF10  250 yards 30#
 Cobalt 12  4.75" 1.25"   11.1 oz  11/12  WF12  250 yards 30#

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