Standard and Custom Nautilus Reels in stock and shipping daily. Check out our large inventory of Nautilus Reels today.(details)
We have been adding to our inventory of Nautilus fly reels all spring and summer and have a good stock of standard X series and CCFX2 Reels. Order today and get free backing and fast free shipping.

Visual Aids & Knot Tying Tools

The Caddis Fly Shop stands ready to deliver all of the fly fishing accessories you are ready to order, including glasses, magnifiers, and knot tyers - shipped promptly.

Ok, here is the setting: on the stream or lake. Fish jumping all around the boat, pontoon reft, drift boat, log raft, tugboat, luxury cruise ship or inner tube. Whatever. Fish are good to go. Can you tie on that fly in fading light? Better make sure you can, or you could be in tears at your next therapy session, we think.

Here is a great selection of fly fishing supplies and accessories that will help make sure you can see and handle the leader and fly to get the job done in style. We carry the Zoom SlimVision Reading eyewear, the Wasatch tool lanyard, the Mayfly Shade Shields, the 20/20 magnetic tippet threader, the fisherman's needle n' tube, the sierra stream black tie-fast knot tyer the Mckenzie River lanyards, the Spudz (criminey, what a weird name for a product) lens cloth and i bet you we have readers and sunglasses and little paste on magnifiers in the shop that do not even show up on the website. SO PLEASE call us if you don't see what you want in the way of fly fishing supplies and accessories that will help you see to tie that fly on at the critical moment of the day, or even of your life!

Thanks as always, for considering this zany prose and our offer of excellent customer service.