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Umpqua Bags and Packs

Umpqua Fly Fishing Packs and Bags offer a fresh look and an enhanced performance standard; our staff both appreciate and recommend their innovation and fit.

Anglers of all styles and experience levels can easily find an Umpqua bag or pack to cater to their individual fly fishing needs.

Umpqua Packs and Bags now feature Cutting-Edge "Zero Sweep" Technology!

Umpqua has created a unique, cutting-edge system of ports and attachment points for your go-to tools that are snag free. Retractors are built-in and threaded out of ports where tools, such as nippers, are stationed snag-free. ZS (Zero Sweep) bags are also constructed with hemostat sheathes, which securely fasten your clamps to the exterior of your pack, yet they are out-of-sight, and are seamlessly accessed.

The result of Umpqua innovation in fly fishing packs and bags?

Your line spends more time in the water and less time wrapped around your hemostats, floatant, and nippers! In other words, elimination of the phrase, “how the hell did this even happen?” from your on-the-water lingo. Zero Sweep Technology aims to make tangles a thing of the past.

At the Caddis Fly, we use Umpqua products extensively for every type of fly fishing we do; whether its multi-day trips on the river, walk-in hiking adventures, or cruising the flats in the salt.

We inventory the entire range of Umpqua bags and packs, not to mention flies, hooks and everything else. If Umpqua makes it, we trust it, and we can supply the goods.

Umpqua offers waist packs, chest packs, backpacks, boat bags, and a duffel that are founded on a solid forty years of fly fishing experience.

Relocating their base of operation to Colorado was a tough choice for the people who built their base of devoted customers on the Umpqua River in Oregon, However, it made sense as the reach of Umpqua products grew and evolved across the USA and the international community of fly fishing devotees.

Functional Storage Capacity: From the 500 cubic inch waist pack to the 3500 cubic inch Duffel, one of these Umpqua packs or bags has you covered.

Technical features: Now with Zero Sweep Technology, your tools and accessories stay snag free and out of sight to reduce the potential for tangles on the exterior of your pack. Various systems of ports, retractors, and sheathes keep your tools safe and secure but also ready-to-use. From internal storage separators to exterior attachment points and pockets; water repellant to waterproof fabrics; suspension belts to backpack straps; interior stiffeners and exterior zipper pulls; these Umpqua bags and packs are extremely well designed and executed.

Shoulder straps and waist buckles: This is but one of several design features that make or break the functional performance of fishing bags and packs. Zero Sweep (ZS) packs have some shoulder straps equipped with built-in retractors, hemostat sheathes, and other cool bells and whistles.

Suspension & Fit features of Umpqua bags and packs: Without exception, each waist, chest, backpack, boat bag, and duffel are designed to optimize comfort and function to the fly angler. New Zero Sweep (ZS) packs have a suspended back panel that provides all day comfort by allowing continuous support and increased ventilation; this panel design also allows for easy-rotation.

Umpqua Toughness Rating from the Caddis Fly: We rate each and every Umpqua gear bag and pack as highly durable and a perfect match for field and stream.

Zipper quality: Tops, naturally. These resist salt and rain, are easy to grip with wet or cold fingers, and are among the most dependable on the market.

Visual recognition of contents? This is a little thought of feature, but Umpqua has addressed even this need of anglers; a light colored liner makes it easy to see what is inside, unlike some manufacturers who use a dark colored lining. Its the small things...

Overall Product Quality and Performance: Umpqua has earned the highest grades for every product they have offered over the decades. This tradition is proved out again in this 'new for 2016' line of quality Zero Sweep fly fishing bags and packs by our trusted friends. Being located here in Oregon, we just wish their main office were still down on the Umpqua, so we could drop in and visit on our way to the river.

500 cubic inches Ledges Zero Sweep Waist Pack: The Ledges 500 ZS Waist pack is the updated version of Umpqua’s best selling, ultimate fly-fishing pack. The main pocket has space for four large fly boxes and a “portfolio design” for better organization. The loft pocket and two external mesh pockets are great for accessory storage while the two water bottle holders keep you hydrated all day long. The removable shoulder strap can be used to sling the pack over your shoulder before a deep wade. Zero Sweep Technology keeps your tools and accessories readily accessible while also snag-free.

650 cubic inches Ledges Zero Sweep Waist Pack 150 cubic inches larger than the 500; the slightly larger size allows for a few more boxes and more Zero Sweep accessory storage points. There is a foam patch on the top of this pack for fly storage, as well.

2500 cubic-inch Famous Boat Bag: the desirable features of a Boat Bag are highly personal, and this Umpqua boat bag is a product of EXTENSIVE advice and testing by full time fishing guides. The usual approach is to keep this boat bag loaded and ready to fish. Some clients even go so far as to store the bag in their truck overnight, knowing they are ready to rock when the pick up clients for the next day of fishing.

Bandolier Zero Sweep Pack: One of the coolest new packs we've seen. The bandolier style can be worn as a sling or a waist-pack. The main compartment holds two large fly boxes and the two side pockets hold accessories and tippet. This pack features two zero sweep retractor stations, a zero sweep tool sheathe, a zero sweep foam fly patch, and a cord tippet holder.

Rock Creek Zero Sweep Compact Chest Pack: Keeping it simple and staying comfortable was the vision behind this pack. Four Point back panel design gives you all day comfort and eliminates the neck strap digging into your skin. It has multiple D ring and Zero Sweep attachment points individually designed for specific tools. It can integrate with the overlook and 2000 backpacks.

Ambi-Sling Zero Sweep: Ambidextrous can be worn on either shoulder. This medium-sized sling has a large primary compartment that is perfect for fly boxes, lunch, a thermos, jacket, or your camera. There is another, smaller pocket that is perfect for accessories, and an additional pocket for your water bottle. Most pockets have ambidextrous access, too. This sling features four zero sweep retractors, two zero sweep tool sheathes, and two zero sweep foam fly stations.

1200 cubic inch Steamboat Zero Sweep Sling: A larger-than-average sling pack. A large main compartment easily holds a rain jacket, your lunch, camera, and a few fly boxes, while the middle box pocket features an organizational divider and easily holds four boxes. There are many Zero Sweep attachment points for your tools, too.

Surveyor Zero Sweep Backpack: Multi-functional: Can be a fly-fishing pack or just a stand-alone backpack. Fully-zippered "clam-shell" opening makes it easier than ever to retrieve the contents of your pack whether they are at the top or buried at the bottom. Injection-molded frame-sheet gives you incredible support which effectively distributes the weight and ventilates nicely.

Tailgater Zero Sweep: Turn a plastic tub into an awesome gear organizer. Tons of Zero Sweep attachment points for all of your tools and accessories. We cant tell you how much we love the ZS Tailgater for "road fishing!"

500 cubic-inch Overlook Chest Pack: This Umpqua Chest Pack is tops on the menu for our clients who are likely to wade deep or simply prefer the weight distribution on centerline instead of at their waist/hip. Two main zippered compartments for fly boxes.

3500 cubic-inch Deadline Duffel: We invite our clients to throw this Duffel into the back of your truck, open to the weather, in the back of your SUV, in the back of a bass or drift boat, or onto the conveyor belt at the security check station when you head across the country or world. Not quite waterproof, but highly weather resistant, this Duffel bag holds a lot but not too much and is easy to sling over your shoulder when you head out the door to fish, hunt, drive, or fly.

650 cubic-inch Ledges Waist Pack by Umpqua: The larger of the Umpqua waist packs offered, these deliver every imaginable feature that our mobile fly anglers demand; from suspension system, adjustability, exterior and interior attachment or gear storage designs, and both waist packs are designed to attach to the Surveyor Backpack. Long hikes followed by unencumbered wade fishing. What a concept! Three main compartments for carrying all the fly fishing equipment you could possibly want for a day or a week on the water. Aluminum support referred to as a STAY keeps this Waist Pack firm and distinguishes this from the usual WaistPacks on the market.

500 cubic-inch Ledges Waist Pack: This Umpqua Waist Pack is the smaller of the 2013 offerings, but at a full 500 cubic inch capacity, it still offers plenty of storage for the fast and nimble fly angler. We recommend this waist pack for our customers who fish some days and just go our on a long hike on others. Both of the Umpqua waist packs fill this need very nicely. Aluminum support referred to as a STAY keeps this Waist Pack firm and distinguishes this from the usual WaistPacks on the market.

1100 Cubic Inch Surveyor Backpack by Umpqua: More than one of our clients cross the line from fly fishing to serious wilderness hiking and climbing. These hard core outdoor enthusiasts will find the Umpqua Surveyor a genuine backpack that is designed so thoughtfully that it really works for the off-road fly angler and also for the off-trail enthusiast, come rain or shine. Aluminum support referred to as STAYS keep this Back Pack firm and distinguishes this from the usual your typical fishing backpack on the market.