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Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead

The Caddis Fly Shop stocks the best selection of Tube flies for steelhead and salmon plus great customer service:

Why purchase your Tube flies from the Caddis Fly Shop?

We don't just sell great flies, we have all the gear you might need in the way of leaders, tippets, lines, wading boots, rods, and ball caps.

Check out these great Tube flies and see why we are so pleased with the latest steelhead and salmon tubes:

Are Tube Flies rally different than traditional flies tied on longer shank hooks? Yep. And unless you have fished tubes much, there is only one way to really understand the difference, and that is to fish the tubes. You can use shorter shank hooks, lighter wire, and both of those features add up to better hooking and holding properties. And then too, tube flies tend to be more durable because they don't get directly chewed up when you are playing fish after fish. The fly slides up the leader and stays out of the way.

Do Tube flies fish differently? A little. This is rather subjective, but many of our guides and staff believe that the tubes skate better and semi in a more lively manner than flies tied on heavier shanked hooks. As always, you need to be the judge, but we have great confidence in the tube flies offered here.

Are these Tubes proven? Yes. Some of these patterns are being offered commercially now for the first time in 2014, but we have been fishing many of these patterns for several seasons and test fishing prototypes in our role with the fly fishing industry. We can assure that these flies, every one of them, are winners!

We organize our flies in general categories:

Rusty Brown Bomber

Tube Bomber

Grantham Sedge

Quigleys Dragon Gurgler

Grease Liner Tube

Steelhead Beatle Tube

Skaopper Tube

Versi Tube Steelhead Fly

Riffle Rider Tube