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Tropical RIO Outbound Short Fly Line

What is a Tropical Outbound Short fly line? This is Rio's warmwater specialty fly line that packs the rod-loading punch of an Integrated shooting head into a mere 30 ft, just like the traditional, loop-to-loop shooting head fly line, but minus the loop-to-loop cumbersome connections. The head length of this Outbound Short line is more compact than the standard Outbound, and we consider this an advantage if one must be prepared to make change of direction casts, from short to over the horizon distances, at a moments notice.

What is a Tropical fly line? This is a fly line generally designed with a coating that will not become sticky (and impede your casting) at temperatures in the 75 - 100 Degree (F) range. Standard cold-water fly line coatings stay firm in temperatures below the range suited for tropical coatings. Salmon fishers choose the coldwater coating, Barracuda seekers go for the Tropical coating. It is that simple - a casting performance feature.

Fastest rod loading. Rio's practice of creating shooting heads much heavier than traditional line-class standards is yet another means of achieving rapid rod loading with only a little line in the air. This feature allows one to get the best bang from modern fast actions fly rods.

PLEASE NOTE the line taper insert chart above.

Four Line Configuration Options in the drop down menu when you order:Questions? We get confused too so call us at the shop and allow us to help figure out the best line for your use.

Full Floater.

Floating running line; 30 ft Intermediate head with 15 ft clear tip.

Floating running line; 30 ft head with 10 ft Clear Intermediate tip.

Intermediate running line; 30 ft fast sinking T-6 head.

Performance in windy conditions. The Outbound Short gives the angler who is wading and casting into and across a stiff breeze - because even with less height above the water, this short, aggressive head will load your rod and punch a fly with authority.

Tropical Outbound Short options.Tropical Outbound Short fly lines are offered in several key configurations to meet the most demanding fly fishing applications: full floating (#8-12 wt.); floating running line with clear 10' intermediate tip (#8-12 wt.); and floating running line with clear 30' intermediate tip (#8-12 wt.).

Essential for Flats Fishing? The Tropical Outbound fly line is one of the best investments one can make for general fly fishing in southern climes.

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