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TMC 100 Super Point Barbless Dry Fly Tying Hooks

Super Point-Straight, Down Eye, 1X Fine, Wide Gape, Forged, Bronze. 25 pack.

Awesomeness! That is the best way to describe the TMS 100 barbless super point fly tying hook, available in packs containing 25 hooks.

Who was the genius who figured out that we were supposed to smush the barb down on all of our fly tying hooks anyway? Well we normally, formerly tied a ton of our dry flies on TMC 100 fly tying hooks and then smashed the barbs down with pliers later, or on the stream. This beautiful TMC fly tying hook is not only barbless already, it is also a SUPER POINT fly tying hook too. Now that is indeed special. Fabulous dry fly hook for every standard dry fly tying situation imaginable, except of course when you need long shank fly tying hooks by TMC or Daiichi, of which there are many good options, so check those out also. Thanks.

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