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Tenkara Fly Fishing Rods and Kits

Tenkara fly fishing is the epitome of Patagonia's mantra: Live Simply - The Caddis Fly Shop stands ready to deliver your Patagonia Tenkara Rod or fly fishing kit promptly.

Tenkara is the Japanese method of fly-fishing, which removes complexities from the gear of angling and uses merely a rod, line, and fly.

Those who know more need less, but that does not mean that Tenkara Fly Fishing is only for experts. It is a simple and effective method for beginners or veteran anglers. Traditionally, Tenkara was characterized by long, lightweight (typically bamboo) rods allowing anglers to reach as far as needed without needing to develop reels to hold additional line for increased distance. That is why this method was developed, and intended for fishing, in high mountain streams where distance doesn't matter and light presentations are vital. However, you can fish tenkara fly rods from vast rivers and large lakes, to the smallest of streams and ponds. All Tenkara rods are telescopic, meaning they are broken down to a very small size and are easily traveled with. About 6 years ago, Tenkara fly-fishing was popularized in the United States and since then it has proven to be a popular and effective method on Western Trout Streams. Below you will find specific information on the Tenkara Fly Rods & Kits we offer at the Caddis Fly Angling Shop: