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Tacky Predator Box


The Predator Box is Tacky's biggest ever fly box and is built to accommodate your largest streamers, salt water flies, and articulated patterns.

While the Tacky Big Bug Box is great for smaller streamers and wooly buggers, this box is for the biggest and ugliest of the pack. Think brown trout, bull trout and other mega trout patterns, as well as anything in the salt or for steelhead/salmon.


This box is 11" x 6" x 1.5". At 1.5 inches deep its got plenty of headroom for larger flies, but its still slim, compact, and light enough to fit into your pack.


The Predator Box features Tacky's brand new anchoring system. In order to have a box effectively hold large and heavy flies, it needs a secure storage system to ensure organization. This system uses a ribbed polycarbonate structure with molded silicone slits.

Each Predator Fly Box comes with 5 Wishbone anchors, which are designed to keep your loosey-goosey articulated flies in line while they are being stowed. Each wishbone can be removed and placed wherever you'd like it to be in the box. You will find that these significantly increase the organization of your box and deny your flies the chance to become a tangled mess!

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