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Spare Spools for Hatch Finatic Gen I Fly Reels


Spare Spools for Hatch Finatic Fly Reels + Reviews, Sales, & Compatibality.

The Caddis Fly Shop offers all Custom Color options on spare Hatch Fly Reel Spools!

Complete compatibility with previous Hatch Fly Reel models. We already noted that the new Hatch Finatic Fly Reel reels and spools are what is referred to as "backwards" compatible in the main Hatch Finatic fly reel section. This is a very nice feature, because it allows us to use any of the spools we already have stashed in the boat, den, or truck with the updated Finatic reels.

Each Hatch spare spool is crafted with the same precision and engineering love as is invested in the Frames of these Finatic fly reels.

Exacting manufacturing tolerances! We are stunned with the close tolerances machined into the frames, spools, and components of each Hatch Finatic fly reel. Check this out: the width of a Hatch Finatic 12 Plus is 1.6875" -- we have never seen manufacturers that take their spool width dimensions to 4 significant figures to the right of the decimal. This means that if Hatch says the width of an 11 Plus is 1.50" they really mean it!

Final note ON SPOOL COMPATIBILITY. Yes this is repetitive but worth the effort to communicate that Hatch Finatic fly reel frames are still perfect matches with their previous fly reels of comparable size, so spare spool obsolesce is a non-issue. Thank you again and again, Hatch.