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Spawn Fly Fish Streamer Head Blanks

Spawn Fly Fish Streamer Head Blanks come in 5 per pack bags.

Create unbelievable water pushing predator catching streamer patterns with Spawn Fly Fish Streamer Heads.

Crash Test Yummy is the first image on the left of a desktop or laptop, Sniper the second, Crew Boss the third, Kestrel the fourth and Cala Marty the fifth. The blanks are also labeled with red text over the images with the mm dimensions.

These are blank heads meaning you can customize each head with eyes and paint. We really like the Copic Markers and Airbrush set and then a finish of clear thin epoxy like product or uv cure.

These Spawn Fly Fish Streamer Head Blanks make saltwater streamers for the biggest predators as well as fresh wash streamers from browns to pike. Mice patterns, sculpins, minnows, leeches, and more can be emulated using these super cool heads.

Products that go well with Spawn Fly Fishing Streamer heads include, stick on eyes, uv clear finish, ahrex hooks and fish skull shanks.

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