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Smith Colson Sunglasses


The Colsonís have a sport-influenced look giving them full coverage due to their sweeping lens design.

If all-day adventuring is what youíre into, you've found the right pair of glasses. These US designed and Italian-made sunglasses are of the highest quality and you can depend on them in any situation.

Smith Colsonís have megol nose and temple pads so these glasses will stay comfortably on your face even in the roughest conditions. These glasses have a medium-large fit and are perfect for fishing because of the wrap-around frame style, which gives you incredible peripheral protection.

Smith Polarization is among the finest in the world. Smithís polarization technology revolves around cutting glare. Glare off of surfaces such as water and snow not only decrease your ability to see, but also your depth perception and visual acuity. You will notice with Smith Polarized sunglasses you have less eye fatigue due to the precisely aligned polarized layers inside the lenses to filter out almost 100% of this visual static. Therefore, you see more fish and can read water much more effectively with such a fine polarized lens.

Smith Colson Lenses have a hydroleophobic-proof coating, which repels moisture, grease, and grime. This keeps your vision clear all day long even in the most rugged conditions.

Anti-reflective Coating is vacuum applied to all Smith lenses to eliminate bothersome sidelight reflections. This is crucial when it comes to fly fishing, because when youíre on the water and the sun is out, you can have glare and reflected light coming at you from all angles.

Currently, we stock one lens technology option with the Smith Colson Sunglasses. This technology is known as techlite. Techlite lenses increase durability and are 12x more scratch resistant than polymer lenses. They are also 20% lighter than traditional polarized lenses. Low light ignitor lens is best in low light conditions but the polarchromatic technology helps it adapt to bright conditions as well. Polarchromatic ignitor greatly enhances colors and contrast, it is great for all day use.

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