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Simms Wading Boots

We have a full selection of Guide Tested Simms Fly Fishing Boots and wading shoes..

If Simms offers a wading boot, we can provide it to you promptly. The dedication of our Pro staff at the Caddis Fly Shop to Simms Wading boots and all things Simms is unquestionable. This year, Simms has made a decision to offer Felt wading boots in addition to Streamtread Vibram soled wading boots. We may debate plusses and minuses of felts versus rubber sole wading boots, but the quality and durability of Simms Wading Boots is unsurpassed.

Caddis Pro Staff Reviews of Simms Fly Fishing Wading boots.

Simms Wading boots are designed by and for fishers and people who stomp around in the water. We have many years of experience wearing and wearing-out Simms wading boots. We still come back to Simms. Good memories. Good trustworthy performance. A set of new laces now and then. Simms Wading Boots just work for us.

Felts Again. Although there are many settings where we have not needed felts - like fishing from drift boats and clean gravel bars. For questions about felts versus rubber sole boots give us a call or email. We will fill you in.

Need studs? Fishing slippery sloped bedrock and boulders? Try the Simms Star Cleats or the Grip Stud Pack Tool and Removable studs. We have had decent results in many wading situations with Simms Star Cleats. The Grip Studs offer an opportunity to “Super-size” the performance of Streamtread Vibram soled wading boots used under the most demanding wading environments.

Given our dedication to providing options regarding customer’s brand dedications, fit requirements, and spending choices, we also offer excellent wading boots by Patagonia, Korkers, and even Orvis Saltwater flats wading boots. This variety of products in our inventory allows us to work with each of our customers to find just the right “fit” for his or her wading boots.

Thinking about how deeply and seriously Simms commits to stocking foot waders, is it any surprise that they deliver extremely high performance-value in wading boot department? Quick answer: Simms wading boots are superior value products.

Whether or not you have come to the Caddis Fly with Simms in mind, we can help you select sizes, features, and cost options across the many boots and brands we inventory.