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Simms Waderwick Boxer


Simms Waderwick Boxer - NO Sales tax

We want our waders to breath these days right? Why not have all the layers covered from top to bottom. Corrction. We need, must have, and insist on having our waders function properly these days. Why spend serious cash on good waders, only to don tidy white underwear that is soaked at the end of the day? Wearing cotton under breathable waders, pants, jackets is simply a no no. The Simms Waderwick boxer is light weight, comfortable, and breathable. Made from a 2 way stretch knit fabric, cool simms plush elastic waistband and a 6 inch inseam for an overall comfortable fit. You'll want to wear these whether you are fishing or not.

The simms Waderwick Boxer is available in a slimming Black shade and really make one look sharp when donning our Waderwick pant and waders right along side the main highway for all the world to see.

Check out the cost, it is a great value and these could quite possibly make good surf trunks too. Or skate shorts. OK, maybe not.

Jay Nicholas, not necessarily representing the more dignified Caddis Fly Shop staff.

Fabric: 100% polyester with COR3 anti-odor and moisture wicking technology.

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